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Jimmy Erwin

Daron's Ride

I am Daron and I have been working as a mechanic for a long time with my father. Now it becomes my hobby and passion. I have clear and complete knowledge about these issues of cars or bikes. I have been sorting up all the problems of my friends, family, relatives, and neighbors related to vehicles for a long time. Some of my known people call me the bike master as they get all type of help from me related to the bike or even car.

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The goal of Riders Path is to provide all kind of helpful information about car/bike repairing, maintenance, buying essential tools and accessories of cars/bike, guides of using them, getting the best deal of buying and taking service, and all kind of detailing about the car/bike only.

This is my voluntary project to help everyone out there who are facing vehicle related problems and want to get a proper guideline about purchasing a new car/bike and the other accessories and tools, repairing, and so on. Well, I am not a professional repairman nor a mechanical engineer but just a hobbyist who loves experimenting with cars and bike related problems. I genuinely try to help people with the problems which I already have encountered a few years back and solved them successfully. So, I try to solve others problems from my own experience and expertise.

If you have any queries and questions anything related to the automobiles, feel free to ping me anytime. You can e-mail me at [email protected]. You can also join our Facebook page and Twitter for more updates. So, become your own master and drive safe.