Best Hybrid Bikes for Men – Crash Course and Reviews

Thanks for dropping by and it’s a pleasure having you around! If you’re just getting into hybrid bikes, this article’s perfect for you. Cycling or bicycle riding is one of the most exhilarating activities any person on this planet can ever do. But take it from me, nothing really beats the feeling of riding on top of one of the latest innovations in the two-wheeled transport.

I am a hybrid bike fanatic and I’m launching this site so people would know the dynamics of cycling and the advantages a rider can get from one of the best hybrid bikes for men. So join in the fun!

Crash Course on Hybrid Bicycles

Assuming you have not skimmed over my previous posts, hybrid bicycles in essence is a collaboration or amalgamation of the best qualities of a road bike and a mountain bike. For riders who prefer cycling on a road they would find narrow tires and the characteristic position of a road bike perfectly suitable. However, the wide tires and leaner frame of a mountain bike are suitable for people who are up to the challenges of tracks and trails. Thus, finding the right bicycle that fits your riding requirements is the best way to achieve an enjoyable and fulfilling ride.

Why are Hybrid Bicycles gaining popularity nowadays?

Let me show you some highlights of a hybrid bicycle. Since I ride on trails on some days and commute to work in most days, I make sure that the bike I own is keeping up with my elements.

Economically wise, a hybrid bike has it all. Whether you’re up for a road ride or a track or trail ride, this single bicycle can accommodate both these requirements thus, saving you the cost of buying different bikes for different purposes. Unless, like me, you collect some.

Geometry wise, hybrid bicycles are engineered to be versatile and durable containing the qualities to endure even the toughest terrain in riding across the country. The variety in its gearing system allows you to summit through the toughest climb or roll down from a sleek hilly descent. Its aerodynamic design gives the rider an edge in speed and efficiency. These qualities are good for greenhorn cyclists. At most, you’ll be able to control speed efficiently while on a descent course. Control and power is within your grips and brakes.

How does Men’s Hybrid Bike differs from Women’s?

A good question since these bikes are not only for men. Women’s bikes are also ranking up in the sales chart. You can check my previous post about hybrid bikes for women here.

The most striking difference between men and women’s hybrid bicycle starts in the top tube. If you have noticed, women’s bicycles have slanted top tubes. The saddle comes next. Women generally have wider hips so wider saddles are usually fine with them. The grips in women’s bicycle tend to be thinner than men’s because women normally have smaller grips. The brake lever should also be closer to the grips in women’s bikes. Since women have different leg to torso ratio than men so the frame is built to fit that difference. Outside of those, other components of both bikes gender-wise are similar to nearly similar.

A Peek of the 3 Best Hybrid Bikes for Men

Well, I can’t rest easy without giving you a preview of the 3 best men’s hybrid bicycles that I can personally vouch for in dependability, quality and comfort. So let’s get on with my product review.

Let me start with Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle (BBWhite). I’m a serious commuter rider so I usually go for a bike that could handle challenging conditions and could keep in stride with my handling and demands.

What I found best in Prelude Men’s Road Bike from Schwinn is the aluminum road frame with drop handlebars and Schwinn road fork paired with 14-speed Shimano drivetrain that is fitted with responsive A050 shifters and lightweight alloy cranks, road-trouble derailleur, and a bottom bracket that is sealed with Ball Bottom Bracket system for speed and accuracy. But what holds my interest was its quick release front hub with self centering fork depressions. This is not common among other bikes. It also has clips and straps for the pedals to increase efficiency in turning the deep dish which is a 700c alloy and includes dual pivot road brakes with alloy levers, a road saddle for comfortable ride, and a kickstand. It has clear coated paint and graphics for extra color quality.

With this Men’s Prelude, commuting to work or having an evening ride is simply pleasurable. It has a good balance, light, tough, fast and a real high gear and modern components, upgradable and above standard. Only trouble I had with Prelude is the adjustment requirements in the rear derailleur, steering stem bolt and the cranks. Raising the handlebar stem a bit higher and have the frame customized larger could have yielded a better fit considering my size. The assembly instructions included can’t be easily understood if you are an average assembler so better have your bike assembled by a technician at a local store near you. I spent some time to have the pieces fit perfectly and keep it running. But the price I paid for the bike was worth the trouble.

This next member of men’s hybrid bicycles is the Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike, which I highly recommend because I know that people always want quality in a low price.

Bearing the most eye catching design, Takara is a well-designed hybrid bike inside and out. A unique bike with two riding modes to choose from: you can always shift modes from free-wheel to fixed with Takara Sugiyama. And since it is a “fixie” bike, it is fixed gear and extremely suited for riders who do not want derailleur that could allow one less temperamental component to malfunction. This hybrid is just plain simple and is very smart to handle.

If that is not enough, this hybrid is fitted with a 32-holes alloy wheels and 700c x 32 tires that can withstand even the most challenging terrains. A closer look at its features would give you a flip flop hub for fixed gear or freewheel single speed mode, front and rear alloy side pull brakes, and at the heart of this hybrid is the handcrafted steel frame. Simplicity and quality at the lowest cost is what this Fixie Bike is all about.

Even if I don’t own a Suyigama bike, news from friends who do, account in the ease of its installation – roughly 30 minutes or less even for beginner assemblers. The wide tires are great and the steel frame provides comfort but the speed of 30 mph, as my friends are saying, may not be as easy to manage as with other road bikes. But all in all, it is gaining popularity in today at an average rating of 4.0.

Diamondback Men’s Edgewood Sport is another formula altogether. The newest addition to this passion and perhaps one I could never part with.

Simple, straightforward, clean cut plain geometry that features a lightweight, butted 6061-T6 aluminum frame with formed tubes and a replaceable derailleur hanger, suspension fork and Shimano Easy fire shifters. DB Men’s Edgewood is more efficient than a comfort bike, more comfortable than a road bike, and more accurate than a mountain bike. This Diamondback innovation combines the most efficient qualities of a comfort bike with the big smooth-rolling 700c wheel of a road bike. Two months in my company and we’re peas in a pod.

What I adore in this hybrid is the Shimano drivetrain, shifters and linear pull brake levers for a smooth-rolling and easy shifting machine. Its SSW 700 Double Tunnel alloy rims make up for durably built wheels that could round up for several days. A comfortable cockpit provides for a precise steering and the DB deluxe hybrid saddle with double density base offer a comfortable position for longer rides. I never imagined I could meet up with such quality and style. Thumbs up to Diamondback Company!

This bicycle comes in black and in varying sizes of SM (15”), M (17”), LG (19”), and XL (21”). For proper hybrid bike sizing refer to our guide. As far as I can see, I’ve yet to experience troubles with my Edgewood and hopefully this will keep up longer.


I’ve been riding my bikes for more than two years up to this date and I never for once changed my kind of bikes. I stick to hybrids only coz I’m getting all the comfort, efficiency and speed the very things I sought from a bike and I’m doing it in style while getting fit and healthy. So hop on one of the best hybrid bikes for men today!

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