The Best Mini Bikes for Adults of 2018

A mini bike can also be called as a miniature motorbike which is a smaller version of the standard motorcycle. The basic differences between a standard motorcycle and a mini motorcycle are in size, price, and speed. Mini bikes come in compact size and cheaper price.

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#1 Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX650 is the high performance and high-quality motorbike which runs with electric power. The fast and superior performance has made it a popular choice for the young and adults.

Things we like

  • It comes with high performing feature.
  • It is suitable to ride on the hill and in the off-road condition.
  • It has dual suspension and riser handlebars which offers you flexibility on the road.
  • It offers noise free but powerful operation on the road.
  • You can ride it for 10 miles on a single charge.
  • It has a variable speed and chain driving motor to offer high performance.

Things we don’t like

  • To adjust the wheel, fine-tuning is required.
  • It slows down after a few minutes even if you charge it for a long time.

#2 Monster Moto 250 Electric Mini Bike

For the affordable and high-quality mini bike, monster moto is a great choice. It is an electric bike made for exploring new roads and do a different adventure.

Things we like

  • This minibike comes with a LED light which offers safety to the riders.
  • It is suitable to ride on the hill and in the off-road condition.
  • It is more affordable than the other minibikes available on the market.
  • It is quite easy to set up. You need to attach the handlebar and charge the battery before start riding.
  • You will get charge indicator attached to the handlebar of the minibike. From the indicator, you will get to know when you need to recharge it.
  • It provides fantastic performance with a great look.

Things we don’t like

  • You need to assemble different parts of the bike before using.
  • You will need to use the charger to meet your mini working needs.

#3 Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX350 dirt rocket electric motocross bike is one of the most popular and highly recommended minibikes. It offers a pleasant driving experience on the rocky road.

Things we like

  • It comes with a steel construction which is durable and long lasting in nature.
  • It comes with 90 days warranty period. So, if you face any trouble using it, you can change the bike or do free servicing.
  • It comes with a retractable kickstand which offers great safety to the users.
  • This minibike has 12 mph speed limit. So, riding it on the road is safe.

Things we don’t like

  • It takes quite a long time to recharge.
  • It doesn’t come with parent lock. So, the speed can’t be adjusted to it.
  • It has to be used after assembling different parts of it.

#4 Coleman Powersports 98cc/3.0HP CT100U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike Scooter Adults

If you are looking for any traditional and basic type of minibike, you need to buy Coleman CT100U minibike. It comes with 98 CC gasoline cylinder which provides super fast performance on the road.

Things we like

  • This mini bike comes with a powerful gas engine which can run for a long time on the road.
  • It is built under a sturdy frame which provides it a great look.
  • The ergonomic design of it made it super comfortable for the riders.
  • It comes with a good brake option which provides a safe ride on the road.

Things we don’t like

  • Few users face the oil leakage issue with it.
  • It is heavier than the other models available on the market.

#5 Coleman Powersports 196cc/6.5HP CT200U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike Scooter

The gas-powered Coleman Powersports 196cc/6.5HP CT200U mini trail bike scooter is amazingly popular nowadays for its different positive features.

Things we like

  • This minibike is well constructed. It has an easy pull start operation which provides a smooth and soft ride on the road.
  • This minibike is well constructed. It has an easy pull start operation which provides a smooth and soft ride on the road.
  • It is built with rugged and tough materials which make it one of the most heavy duty minibikes to date.

Things we don’t like

  • Due to the less manufacturing, it becomes stock out very fast.

What is a mini-motorbike?

A mini bike can also be called as a miniature motorbike which is a smaller version of the standard motorcycle. The basic differences between a standard motorcycle and a mini motorcycle are in size, price, and speed. Mini bikes come in compact size and cheaper price. This motorbike is more portable and lighter than the standard motorcycle. However, the performance of the best mini bikes for adults can be better than the standard size motorbikes sometime.

A mini bike comes in different, design, size, and shape. One can choose a mini bike from the wide range of motorbikes available in the market. Mini bikes is actually a replica of the normal motorbikes. You can find all most all types and design of mini bikes in the miniature form of the larger one. Mini bikes run with the petrol engine. Petrol engineensures the higher speed of the mini bike. The engine capacity of the mini bikes is increasing day by day for its up growing demand.

Mini bikes are preferred to the people for the multiple of reasons. Those who want to get the thrill of bikes at the cheaper price can go for this option. Again, mini bikes are widely used for the tournament and competition. However, if your mini bike is too small, you may get restriction while riding it in the public place. There is always the risk of getting injured with the other vehicles of you ride the mini bike on the open wide roads. If you are buying the mini bikes for racing purpose, you need to follow the rules of regulations imposed by the authority of the tournament about the specific type of racing mini bike.

Different types of best mini bikes for adults

For the growing demand and interest of people, different types of mini bikes for adults are manufactured nowadays. Depending on the basic categories, mini bikes are found in four different formats. These are pocket bikes, pit bikesmini choppers, and midi motors. The types of mini bikes vary for their look, transportation and the functions of the engine. However, all of the mini bikes are the smaller version of the standard size motorbikes.

  • The pocket bike

The pocket mini bike is well known for its high performance and sleek style. It is run by the electric power. The aerodynamic plastic body has given it the stylish look. This mini bike is the first choice for the riders who buy mini bikes for racing. One of the main reasons for choosing this bike is its higher degree of speed which you will hardly get in any other mini bikes.

  • The pit bike

The pit bike was used to run on gas power back in the 1950s. It is considered as the first mini bike in the history. That time racers used this gas power bike for the racing. Now the gas power is transforming to the rechargeable electric engine power.

  • The mini chopper bike

Though the concept of mini bike mostly goes with the racing, the mini chopper mini bike is completely different than all. The mini chopper bike is made and used for styling purpose. The mini chopper bike is run by electricity. It is very popular for its pretty look and stylish features. One can customize the mini chopper bike according to their preference. Different body style, paints, etc. can be added on the min choppers bike according to the choice and preference of the users.

  • Midi motorbike

If you want to experience the thrill of the real motorbike on any mini bikes, a midi motorbike is ideal for you. Midi motorbike is the smaller version of the real motorbike. It is larger than the other type of mini bikes. It has also a larger engine than the other motorbikes which ensures greater speed and functionality than the other types of mini bikes.

Different parts of mini bikes

The parts of mini bikes are just like the standard sized motorbikes. As the designs vary greatly with the mini bikes, types of parts also vary with it. One can get different brands and different size of mini bike parts available in the market. Depending on the price and the function, one can choose different types of parts for the mini bikes. Frame, engine, wheels, steering, etc. are the main parts of the mini bikes. Different parts of mini bikes are discussed below-

  • Frame

The frame is the most important part of any motorbike whether it is a small sized mini bike or the larger one. It can be considered as the foundation of the whole bike. Different shaped frames are used to hold different parts of the mini bike together. The shape of the mini bikes will determine the basic type of mini bikes.

  • Engine

The engine is the life of all motorbike. Mini bikes usually have the smaller engines than the regular sized bike. The speed and overall performance of the mini bike are entirely depended on the engine. The engine includes gears, air filters, crankshafts, bearing, etc. so many parts which help a mini bike to run properly. You will get two different types of engine. These are- four-cycle engine and the two-stroke engine. Each engine uses different fuels and has the different mechanism for work. An electric two-stroke engine is one of the popular engines nowadays which offers great speed and other benefits like the standard bike.

  • Wheel

The wheel is another major part of the mini bike. One needs to take many things into consideration while choosing the wheels of the bike. You should choose the wheels of your bike depending on the type of road you will drive your mini bike. As wheels come in a wide range of variations, one should choose the wheels carefully. For off-road riding, you should choose the trodden tires. If you want your bike for smoother road or racing purpose, you should choose the smooth tires for your mini bikes. You can also choose rims for the wheels to increase the aesthetic value of the wheel.

  • Steering and braking

Different types of steering and braking parts are available in the market for different types of mini bikes. To get a great hold and grips, one should choose the steering and braking option of the bike carefully. If you opt for racing with your mini bike you should choose the small size pedals. Large size pedals should be chosen for riding on the off-road.

  • Body

The most attractive part of the bike is the body of the bike. The body of the mini bike defines the personality of the riders. Different options can be added to the bike’s body to get add different features to the bike. One can also personalize their bike with side panels, rear faring, and other parts.

So, these are some basic parts of the mini bike.

Things to look for buying a mini bike

Things to look for buying a mini bike

As different types of mini bikes are available in the market, one should do some research before buying a particular mini bike from the market. Mini bike nowadays is a very popular option for the young generation. For the stylish look, affordable price, and user-friendly option, this mini bike has got a wide popularity among the people. Different style and different model of mini bikes are available in the market. Choosing one would be very difficult if you don’t have any prior mind setup for buying a specific mini bike. However, in this part, I have tried to give you an overall idea of what to look for while choosing a mini bike.

  • Gas vs. electric power

You will get two basic types of mini bikes in the market. One is run by the gas and the other one is by electric power. The gas mini bikes are just like any standard size bike. The gas mini bikes are run with gasoline. When the gas is run out, the tanks have to be refueled.

On the other hand, the electric mini bikes are run by the battery power. The battery has to be charged with electric power. When the charge will end, the bike will be stopped.

Both of the options have some advantages and drawbacks. The gas operated mini bikes are faster than the electric powered motorbike and provide all of the functions a standard motorbike has. An electric powered motorbike is a noise free and environment-friendly option. The electric powered mini bike is also very easy to maintain.

  • Horsepower

Horsepower indicates the speed of your mini bike. If you have previous experience of riding the motorbike, you can choose the mini bike with the higher power. On the other hand, if you are the new bike rider and merely have any experience of riding a bike, you should choose a mini bike with lower horsepower. Choosing the low horsepower of your bike, you can be saved from any type of injury and accidents.

  • Look and design

Look and design of the mini bikes are depended on the personal choice of the people. One can always have the chance to customize the design and look of their bike too. Many people buy the bike just looking at the look and design of it. But along with looking at the design and look of the bike, one should also look for the function of the bike. It is better if you take a ride to check the performance of the mini bike before buying it.


How to check a mini bike before buying

As we know, a mini bike is a smaller version of the standard size bike, the power and function of the mini bike are also less than the standard motorbike. Mini bike is just a smaller and less powerful version of the normal motorbike. While using the mini bikes for several days or years different technical faults may occur. Some of the faults can be repaired by the qualified mechanic where some problems may be identified and repaired by the DIY repairman.

While buying a mini bike different technical and mechanical terms should be taken into consideration. Before buying a mini bike one should go for a test ride and try to find out if there is any technical fault with the motorbike or not. One who is going to buy the mini bike should be familiar with the technical terms of the mini bikes. If you know the mechanism of a bike, you can easily ask different questions about the mini bikes and find out quickly if there is any trouble. In this way, you can get and buy the best and suitable mini bike for you. In this part, I will discuss what exactly to look for before buying a mini bike to avoid any type of mechanical defects.

Mini bike test ride tips

A buyer should always take the option of test ride the mini bike if he/she gets it. While test driving a bike, you will get to know about the function, flexibility and most importantly the compatibility of the bike with you. However, one may not get the test driving option all the time due to buying the mini bike from the different source or lack of facility to test drive. If you buy the mini bike from an online shop, you might not get the option to test drive the bike.

How does it shift

While test driving, you should notice every detail of your bike. You need to check the chain function of the mini bike properly running it on every gear. It may run well in one particular gear but fail to perform well on the other gear. So, it is better to check how your mini bike shifts before buying.

How does it handle

While riding, the bike should be handled properly. The rider should turn the bike in both directions and check if it is moving smoothly or not. One should turn the bike in the different direction just to check if there is any problem with the front fork and the rear spring. The ride should be smooth. If you can feel any type of bounce or stiffness while riding, there must be problems with the gear. So, while test driving notices the sensation made by the bike, if it is rough and shaky, you should not buy it.

Do the brakes work

One of the major considerations while test driving the mini bike is checking the function of the brakes. The brakes should work properly. Most of the time, the buyers forget to check about the brakes of the mini bike. But one should focus on the brakes too. Your bike should stop immediately holding the brakes without shuddering or making any type of noise.

How does the engine run

The buyer should monitor the sound of the engine. If the sound is loud, it might need to tune up. But after the tune-up, if you still get the sound, the mini bike might need major repair. Along with seeing the condition of the engine, you should also notice the leakage of oil, the sign of shaking, etc. conditions of a mini bike.

How does the mini bike look

Look and appearance of the mini bike is a vague term which is different to the different one. The appearance and look of the bike should not be so important if you want to buy the bile for everyday ride. But if you want style and look along with high function, it may take time to find out a suitable mini bike for you. For some people look and appearance are everything. You should never forget the performance of the mini bike just for the look.

So, these are some major things which you need to check while test driving a mini bike. If you can buy a mini bike after checking it properly, it will last for a long time without making any trouble. The function of the mini bike is same as the standard motorbike. But the mini bike requires less maintenance. It also provides a great performance for a long time if it can be used properly. You can buy a mini bike from the physical store or online shop too. If you buy the mini bike from the online shop, you need to take extra precautions as you don’t have any option to check it before buying. You should be confirmed about the quality and performance of the mini bike before buying it from the online shop.

Lastly, it can be said that mini bike can be a great addition to your garage. Whether you will be using it for the racing purpose or everyday use, it will be a great riding option for you.