Safety Tips for Purchasing Motorcycle Helmets

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Whether you are a long time experienced rider or you have only just purchased your first motorcycle, you must know how to purchase motorcycle helmets that are going to properly fit for maximum safety. The difference between purchasing motorcycle helmets that fit properly versus motorcycle helmets that have been poorly fitted can be the difference between life and death! Here are some safety tips for purchasing motorcycle helmets that will provide the maximum amount of safety on the road!

  • Purchasing Motorcycle Helmets Safety Tips #1: Try Before You Buy:

You should try on all motorcycle helmets for a period of at least five minutes before you ever make a purchase decision. Motorcycle helmet safety depends primarily on the fit of the motorcycle helmet and this can only be determined by use. When wearing motorcycle helmets to determine fit there are a few different factors to check for-first you will want to make sure that each of the motorcycle helmets that you try on has symmetry. Look in the mirror and make sure that the helmet is symmetric all the way around your face and head. Next, always check motorcycle helmets for areas within each helmet which cause irritation. Never purchase motorcycle helmets that cause irritation when wearing for the trial for five minutes!

  • Purchasing Motorcycle Helmets Safety Tips #2:

When you take off each of the motorcycle helmets after the five minute period check in the mirror for redness on your face. Any red marks that remain can be signs that one of the motorcycle helmets was not symmetric to your face and head. These red marks will later cause extreme irritation if you wear the motorcycle helmet for a prolonged period of time and thus you should not purchase any motorcycle helmets that leave the face or head irritated after just five minutes.

  • Purchasing Motorcycle Helmets Safety Tips #3:

Always make sure that the motorcycle helmets that you are considering are certified by the Department of Transportation as meeting safety standards. Another certification to look for in motorcycle helmets is the Snell certification. Both certifications assure that the motorcycle helmets that are approved with these certifications meet minimum safety standards. If you are in an accident wearing a motorcycle helmet that is not certified under these safety standards then you may risk the insurance company refusing to cover the accident.

  • Purchasing Motorcycle Helmets Safety Tips #4:

Storing Motorcycle Helmets after purchase: Finally, once you have purchased a motorcycle helmet it is important to store the helmet in a manner that will maintain the safety of the helmet. Motorcycle helmets should be stored in a place where it will not fall and hit the ground as this could compromise the safety of the helmet. It is also important that you store all motorcycle helmets on a flat surface and not hanging by the inner padding as this will compromise the padding inside the helmet and thus could result in safety hazards.

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