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I drive a recent model year Pontiac GTO and my wife has a Honda Odyssey minivan. Both vehicles were suffering from the same cloudy, foggy headlight condition. The headlight lenses themselves had become yellow and cloudy, and you could tell when driving at night that the headlights weren’t as bright as they used to be. I found myself squinting and on long drives, I would get headaches from this reduced light output.

I tried to fix it by switching to more expensive headlight bulbs from Sylvania. The package the bulbs came in stated that they were up to 50% brighter than regular halogen headlight bulbs. Once I switched out the headlight bulbs on my car, I couldn’t tell any difference. Being that I spent almost $100 on four replacement headlight bulbs at AutoZone (2 for my wife’s Honda Odyssey minivan and 2 for my Pontiac GTO), I was rather displeased with the fact that these new bulbs did nothing to solve my problem of reduced light output.

I was telling this to a friend of mine who is a retired boat mechanic. He told me to use a headlight restoration product called Sylvania that he bought from a website online called MDWholesale.com. They specialize in headlight restoration type products. He swore by it and said the stuff was like greased lightning – he said it removes years of tarnish and oxidation that build upon the plastic lenses on most cars. He also noted that these plastic lenses that are being used nowadays oxidize and corrode leaving a rough and cloudy looking surface.

Sylvenia Headlight Restoration Kit

It is this rough and cloudy surface that was causing the problem on my car’s headlight lenses (my wife’s minivan also). He checked his workbench to see if he had any left from the kit he had used previously. He found the kit and had just enough to treat an area about a third the size of the right or driver’s side headlight. There were three bottles, and it was quick for him to do. When he was done the area, he treated looked like it was brand new.

It didn’t look anything like the rest of the headlight lens. It was so clear it looked like it almost wasn’t there – it saw- through like – crystal clear. It looked like it did when my car was new. The rest of the lens stood out now – yellow, cloudy and rather ugly.

It was too bad that all my friend had of the Sylvania headlight restoration kit was just enough to treat a small area of one of my headlight lenses. But it was just enough to tell me exactly how the rest of my car and my wife’s minivan could look if I ordered a kit online – it seemed to be the ultimate headlight solution for these yucky, cloudy and foggy headlight lenses. So, I went home and ordered the kit, and when it arrived, I used it to treat the rest of my headlight lenses and the headlight lenses on my wife’s minivan.

The kit was surprisingly easy-to-use and included three solutions (solution a, b and c) and easy to follow instructions. I treated all four headlight lenses in about an hour, and they all look as good as new – this Sylvania headlight restoration kit solution stuff is just amazing. And the best part is that I don’t have to squint anymore while driving at night! I would have to say that I can see at least 50% better when driving at night!

If you have a car or minivan with cloudy, foggy headlight lenses like my wife and I did you best get yourself one of these Sylvania headlight restoration kits off Amazon.com – you will be glad you did. We certainly are!

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