How to Make an HHO Hydrogen Generator Kit

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If you’re looking for a cheap way to gain added horsepower and fuel economy for your car, then there isn’t a better way than to install your hydrogen generator kit. There are kits out there that provide either the parts and components or the whole kit for use in your car or truck. The cost varies and is cheapest if you build it yourself.

A hydrogen generator kit is going to be two or more metal plates installed in a container filled with water. When electricity is introduced to these two metal plates (one is positively charged and the other negative) a current is created between the metal plates in this current excites the water molecules producing HHO gas.

This HHO gas is composed of one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen. This gas is more powerful than the regular gas you place in your car, and when introduced into the cars air intake it increases horsepower and fuel economy. It is similar in concept to a nitrous oxide installation but much cheaper and far less dangerous.

You can purchase guides that will show you what parts you need to buy and how to put the HHO hydrogen generator kit together and then how to install it in your car. The system will run off the electricity from your battery and then it will use this to create HHO gas which will then be delivered right into your vehicles air intake.

The larger the kit and the greater the amount of HHO gas created, the greater the increase in horsepower and fuel economy. There are people out there that have generated large enough hydrogen generators that they have no need for gasoline in their trucks or cars anymore. I recently watched a video on YouTube of a guy in Thailand who was running his Toyota Camry solely off HHO gas produced by his hydrogen generator.

That was neat to watch, and I am sure this guy loves his savings as the price of gas is $3.50 per gallon here in the USA, and I’m sure it must be like $9 or more per gallon here in Thailand. There are thousands of videos like that on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet. It just goes to show you how effective an HHO hydrogen generator is and how anyone can build one for cheap. You don’t need to be an experienced mechanic or electrician.

And then think about it – the only resource you will be using is water – which costs just about nothing! Wouldn’t you instead be running your car off water then expensive gasoline? Stop making the oil sheiks in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, etc.… rich. Start saving big on gas by using an HHO hydrogen generator in your car to start saving big on your fuel economy. Plus, as a bonus, you get greater performance and longevity out of your car’s engine plus you will be going green (HHO burns cleaner, reduces harmful emissions and burns more completely reducing engine deposits that can shorten the lifespan of your engine components).

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I built two hydrogen generators for my cars. The first one was smaller and only gives about a 20 to 30 percent increase in fuel economy, but it was easy to fit it under the hood. The second one I created was bigger and fit easily in the trunk, but the savings are huge – 70 to 90% increase in fuel economy. Neither of my vehicles runs 100% on the HHO gas from the hydrogen generator, but at 70 to 90% savings I am laughing at my neighbors who are dreading and constantly complaining about paying $3.50 per gallon or so at the pump.

I might pay the same, but now I fill up once a month or less with my car, and I do lots of driving and put thousands of miles on my car each month. My gas mileage is up around 50 mpg on the car with the smaller hydrogen generator (the first one I installed on my wife’s 2003 Nissan Sentra) and 110 to 130 mpg with the bigger one on my 2005 Honda Accord. The hydrogen generator is the best thing I have ever done, and the savings are huge. I know I am saving thousands of dollars each year on gasoline costs.

My best advice to you is to go and get informed and learn how to create your hydrogen generator. If you don’t want to create one yourself here are numerous manufacturers out there that have kits all ready for you to install. You will pay a little more for these kits but think about the huge savings you will have in fuel costs. These will far outweigh the cost of any of these HHO hydrogen generator kits. Plus, it will most likely pay for itself in the first year or sooner.

Good luck is green and gets a hydrogen generator installed in your car or truck – you will be glad you did.

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