Basic Things You Should Do After Specific Mileage

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As car maintenance quick metaphor, there are reasons why most responsible folks (or those who can afford it), go to the doctor on a regular basis. Those that take care of their body usually prevent critical illnesses – or at the very least, some of us like to help our own system prevent potential malfunctions when it comes to health concerns. The same goes for our cars. We all know maintenance is part of our responsibility as individuals. Be it cars, our homes or our bodies – it is all about having the responsibility for what we love the most – our own self, what truly belongs to us.

Dealing with car maintenance is one of those “must do” important requirements we must execute every certain time, according to how we use and treat our cars. For every car driving use, their own. So here is a quick outline and fundamental depiction of what should happen according to your car mileage.


Basic things you should do every 5,000 miles…

Check Car Immediate Fluids! The basics here amount to much bigger consequences. So important that you check your car coolant, washer fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid at least every 5,000 miles. Most important ones being, your car coolant and your brake fluid. For less than $10 at your local car parts, you can find these critical needs. If you’re in the USA or Canada, Sam’s Club and even Costco can become your best friends in turns of pricing. Supercritical you keep an eye on these basic ones, especially motor oil and log bolts. Anyone with YouTube access can work these on their own, many of my female friends do all the above on their own!

Basics for every 8,000 to 10,000 miles…

Two in One Check Ups. Be it a new car or a used car, when you’ve reached 8k to 10,000 miles in your car, re-doing what you do every 5k miles would be prudent and responsible. Performing a tired tread check, that your tires are well-aligned – as far as a quick view goes – would be second and third. Fourth, you check your spark plugs to see if these are burned to possibly replace. You check your windshield wipers to see if this need replacement does to usage consumption. Furthermore, while on there, you check your battery is clean of any white or green mold-like residue, just to ensure your car ignites correct and to increase the chances of everything internally electric keeps functioning smoothly.

For every 12,000 to 15,000 miles…

You perform every single maintenance you previously did. Immediately after, you should make sure to make an appointment for motor components schedule maintenance checkups such as; fuel pressure regulator, power inverter, steam cleaner, timing belt, and the ABS sensor. So important! Responsible maintenance here. Remember, just ask yourself; can you afford to lose a kidney? Who does, right? You continue with a check on spark plugs, fuel filters, brake pads, and on you go with basics of the radiator to confirm nothing is clogged.

As a last maintenance requirement, especially if you live in an apartment where your car resides outside, or in the case you leave your car directly where the sun and rains get to it. You ultimately buy yourself a premium car cover. Maintenance was described well for the internal components, but to keep your car beautiful, you do what most of us often forget – you protect your car with a cover – that is, even if you plan to use it the next day. The likelihood is, you do sleep covering yourself, right? Exactly! Keep it smart.

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