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Race Ramps RR-40
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RhinoGear 11909ABMI
Powder Coat Finish
Nicky Nice Auto Ramp Set
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What is Car Rams And Why It is Essential?

Normally, those of us that work on cars or are just trying to get a look underneath the frame will typically use a car ramp or jack stands to lift their vehicle. What if I told you that there is a much easier, simpler way to do this? The alternative, safe way to do this is using a car ramp. Ramps are much more secure than jack stands or even the jacks themselves and they can be purchased for a much cheaper price than jack stands typically go for.

Now, car ramps won’t give you access to things that are underneath the hood, but the provide a safe way to get work done underneath your car without the risk of a jack or jack stand. There are several different options that you would need to choose from depending on which type of car you have. For example, if you have a light, compact 4 door vehicle, then you can buy normal car ramps and not have to think twice about the weight being too much. However, if you have a pick up truck or an older steel framed vehicle, then you may want to consider the heavy duty car ramps in order to support the extra weight. Remember, safety first.

Now, you may be wondering “well, just what are the best car ramps”? Coupled with the weight requirements of the ramps that you’re choosing, you will also want to factor in your tire width. You don’t want the sides of your tires rubbing up against the edge of the ramps, so make sure the width of the ramp corresponds with your tire width. If you’re looking for a safe and formidable way to work underneath your car, then these products are for you.

Most Popular Top 5 Car Ramps Reviews

It is always hard to select the right car ramp if someone has not enough knowledge about it.According to Amazon Customer reviews, we are going to review most popular car ramps which are the best selling product in car accessories section.During picking the best products we consider its customer reviews, rating, price, and feature.Let’s start to read what we find.

Best Seller Ramp

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp

This car ramp is one of the best car ramps that you can buy for the price. It is very cost effective in comparison to other car ramps. The benefit coupled with that as well is that these are very heavy duty and can support almost 4 times what normal car ramps can support.

These ramps can support a gross vehicle weight of up to 12,000 pounds. There is a 17 degree inline which makes it easier to maintain a lower clearance. The width of the RhinoRamps can support up to a 9 inch tire width, which is actually very large for standard tires. The rugged design makes your garage stand out amongst the ranks and are some of the best price car ramps money can buy. One of the most significant problems is slipping, however, not with these as the CoreTrac nonskid design is designed to prevent slipping.

RhinoGear 11909ABMI

What We Like –

  • Can support 12,000 pounds in gross vehicle weight.
  • Is designed so that no slipping occurs.
  • Very cost effective and affordable.
  • Supports 9-inch width tires.
  • 17 degree inline, perfect for clearance.

What We Don’t Like –

  • 19lbs, which is heavier than most car ramps.
  • Can mark up your garage for a tad.
  • Isn’t designed for sports cars.

Taking this product at face value, it is very worth the buy. Especially if you are driving a truck or a heavier SUV. While they are quite heavy sitting at about 19lbs, that also has a strong benefit of not being able to be moved easily, thus reducing the chances of slippage. The main reason that I would suggest you buy these car ramps is that they hold a very large amount of weight for how much they cost. The RhinoRamps might be considered amount the top tier of car ramps.

Lightweight Ramp

Race Ramps RR-40 40" Race Ramp

As far as car ramps go, this product might be the cream of the crop. The product is normally sold in groups of two and has a very large weight capacity in comparison to other car ramps. The weight limit is 3000lbs. These ramps are lightweight for what they can accomplish, sitting at a mere 8 ½ pounds, you can carry these with ease and definitely dwarfs the amount of effort needs to lug around a car jack.

Let’s get right into the good stuff here: These ramps are specially made so that they do not scratch and mark up your garage floors/the cement on your driveway. Now, these ramps are specifically designed for sports cars and are typically used for Jaguars, Miatias, BMWs, Corvettes, newer model Mustangs, and other smaller sports cars. These ramps are more so designed for cars with shorter noses. The ramps are able to raise any car within the 3000 pound capacity up to 7 inches off of the ground. Now, you can use these with cars that have a longer nose, but you need to exercise extreme caution when doing so.

Best Seller
Race Ramps RR-40

What We Like –

  • Constructed of very durable material, can withstand harsh treatment.
  • The special material doesn’t allow for scratching of floors.
  • Lightweight, durable.
  • Comes with straps so it’s easily transported.
  • Like an immovable object, very stationary.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Only supports up to 3000 pounds.
  • Isn’t recommended for longer nosed cars.
  • So stationary becomes hard to move.

Overall, if you’re looking to for the best car ramps for lo cars, to raise your BMW or Jaguar to avoid water damage or perhaps put it onto a trailer, this might be the product for you. The lightweight nature of the project makes for easy transporting. Also, how many companies can decisively state that their product ill not leave marks or scratches on your garage floor? These ramps are very ideal for anyone with a car that is up to 3000lbs and for anyone who is looking for a lightweight product to carry around their garage.

Strong and Durable Ramp

Race Ramps RR-XT-2 67-Inch XT 2-Piece Race Ramp

If you’re looking for low clearance, then these ramps might be the product for you. With a 10.75 inch angle, these ramps are ideal for those of us that are looking for a lower clearance. The solid core design allows for even the roughest use of these ramps and not only that, but several other features will have you saying ‘please take my money’.

Most other ramp sets have a 7-10 inch width support, however, these ramps support up to 12-inch tires. With that comes a 3000-pound gross vehicle weight capacity. The bottom part of the ramp is also detachable, making it easier to access the side panel. The maker of these ramps also promises that these ramps will not ever slide or scoot across any floor. The special construction also prevents from any scratches or gouges on your floor. The ramps are also said to be 100% solid core as well.

Race Ramps RR-XT-2

What We Like –

  • Supports a 12 inch tire width.
  • Supports a 3000lb gross vehicle weight.
  • No scratch guarantee design.
  • 75 inch incline for low clearance specifications.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Somewhat heavier at 17.5lbs.
  • At 66 inches, these ramps are considerably longer than most, thus taking up more space.

Overall, this set of car ramps is what you might be looking for considering that the tire width supported is up to 12 inches. The gross vehicle weight supported, which fairly standard, is able to be pushed a little bit above the limit without too much concern, but it is recommended that you take caution, as always. The no-scratch guarantee will keep your floors looking just as spick and span as they were when you brought this product into your garage.

Powder Coat Finish

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set

These ramps might just be the best car service ramps on the market today. Providing general automotive maintenance and handling all types of fluid changes has never been simpler before the release of these ramps.

These ramps support up to 6500lbs and have a single gross vehicle weight capacity of up to 3000lbs. Which means that on its own, a single Nicky Nice ramp will support 3000lbs. The traction holes along the base of the product prevent for a solid, stationary support of your vehicle. There are raised safety ribs on the side as well for an extra added safe experience. The ramps are constructed of solid steel with a durable powder coat finish applied. The ramps are 35 inches long, which is actually shorter than most ramps, and will take up less space in your garage.

Rocket Electric
Nicky Nice Auto Ramp Set

What We Like –

  • Supports up to 6500lbs.
  • 35 inches long, quite short.
  • Solid steel.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Possibility of scraping your flood.
  • No weight listed.

Low clearance is important because if you buy ramps that have too high of an incline, you have to return them for a smaller set. These ramps assure that you can meet the majority of inclines. The 6500 support weight is almost double that of standard car ramps. The sleek design and special features that are on the design make it possibly superior to other car ramps as well.

Low Profile Plastic Ramp

Discount Ramps 6009-V2 Ramps

While these ramps are very durable and lightweight, they are one of the strongest products on the market in terms of supporting car weight. Preventing long-term moisture build-up is not on the agenda of most car ramp companies, however, Rage Powersports built a product here that does just that with the heavy duty honeycomb plastic.

Let’s start with the most advertise-able feature, the 4400lb weight capacity. This set of ramps has a tire-stop tire groove on the base made for a guaranteed stoppage. The car ramps are very low-profile and can be hidden anywhere in your garage without taking up too much room. The angle at which the car ramps put your vehicle is at about 9.05 with a 2.75-inch height. These are extremely lightweight at a mere 9.3lbs.

Gas Powered
Discount Ramps 6009-V2

What We Like –

  • Supports 4,400lbs of gross vehicle weight.
  • Specially made tire groove for guaranteed stopping.
  • Small incline.
  • Very light at just 9lbs.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Made of heavy plastic, not steel/metal.
  • Could cause scrapes on your floor.
  • Low profile enough to be easily lost.

If you’re looking for added support for a sports vehicle or a luxury vehicle of some kind then this product may be the one that you have been searching for. It’s very light, so you’re not going to have to run around your garage grasping your back after you move them. The special design really ensures that your vehicle will not slip, which is really one of the best benefits a car ramp can offer.

What Should Consider On While Buying Car Ramp

One of the best things about car ramps is that they really speak for themselves in terms of use and convenience. The first thing to consider is if your car will clear the ramp along the front bumper or not. Now, most ramps will work with the majority of vehicles, but there are some vehicles that have a lower suspension, lower frame, and sit lower to the ground. For lower cars like sports cars, you are going to want to get the lower ramps that are particularly long. I’m sure you have seen those long, short ramps displaying sports cars at car shows before. The second thing you’re going to want to consider is the weight of your vehicle as opposed to your ramp size.

You’re not going to put an F250 on a ramp that was designated for a Mustang. The benefit will go to those of us with light cars here because pretty much any model ramp will work with that car. It isn’t recommended that you use a heavy duty ramp with a lighter car but it is a possibility if you don’t have another set of ramps. If you are unsure of your car’s weight, you can always crack open your owner’s manual and you will find it right inside there. All ramps have a weight capacity, which brings me back to my earlier point of checking your manual to make sure that you’re in the right range.

With the heavier model trucks, you will need to focus more intently on where your vehicle is at capacity wise. Chocks actually pose less concerns than you would think. As long as you prop one in front of the wheel and one behind it, you should be good to go. They should also be the strong rubber kind. Soft rubber is what you’re looking for here because hard rubber has a propensity to slide on garage type floors.

How To Choose The Best Car Ramps

So, you have come online searching for car ramps and you may have hit a brick wall considering most of the information online will be vague. The reason for getting a car ramp is quite simple: To prop your car up and work on the undercarriage without having to drag a heavy jack out while also not having to risk your safety with jack stands. Also, using a ramp is necessary for loading your car onto a trailer or even for transporting other smaller vehicles such as a riding lawnmower or four wheeler. So, what are the benefits of using car ramps?

Car Ramps


Let’s just cut right to the chase, the main advantage is convenience. Dragging a jack out, finding the lifter bar, and then having to drag it back later is too time-consuming considering the weight of the jack. Pulling your car onto ramps is much faster and let’s face it, we all could use more time. On top of that, your vehicle will rest safely on two car ramps with no chance of slipping off.


The biggest disadvantage is having to drive your car onto the ramp because it requires a kind of precise driving. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust anything that requires you moving your wheels. Which means you cannot rotate your tires, change the brakes or brake pads, and you cannot bleed your brakes. There is no height adjustment like there is with jack stands.

How To Use Your Car Ramp Safel

If you have any kind of personal concern, then when you are lifting two or three tons of metal into the air and crawling under it to work on the contents you are going to need to understand there are a few safety precautions that you need to follow.

  1. Ensure that your vehicle is firmly placed on the ramps – There is a flat part located on the very top of the ramp and that is where your car needs to rest. This should go without saying, however, some of us need that extra prodding in order for it to stick in.
  2. Put your car at the center of your ramp – The first thing I am going to mention here is that you do not allow your wheels to hang off the ramp whatsoever. If they do, fix it or adjust them accordingly so they are firmly in the center of the ramp. If your tires are close enough to the edge, any type of added pressure or weight that is in a forward motion will push your car off the ramps and I don’t want to get into what happens if you happen to be under it. A common method to prevent the car from rolling backwards is to put a chock behind the rear wheels. Ideally, you would want to ensure that the car cannot move either forwards or backwards, but the chock on the rear wheels will suffice.
  3. Chock one at least in one direction – Understanding this is paramount. When one wheel has yet to climb aboard the ramp, place a chock behind it. You should understand that you will not need to chock the wheels that are already placed on the ramp because this will not get you any additional safety. To chock a wheel, simply place a chock in front of and behind the wheel you are attempting to reinforce.

Final Thoughts About Car Ramps

Searching for the best rated car ramps can be a hassle, but we have attempted to make that easier while showcasing some of the best products that we know to be on the market. The ease of convenience here is very vital so when you’re searching for the best car ramps to buy, understand that some products are heavier than others, some have too high of an incline and won’t allow for lower clearance, and some might be right in the middle of what you’re looking for. Understand that your safety is important and you need to take note of your vehicles weight to ensure you buy the right set of ramps.

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