Best Way to Wax a Car and Clean Interior Properly

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Car maintenance is necessary for every car whether it is a new car or the old one. There are different areas of car maintenance and car detailing which you should need to keep in your checklist. For car details, you will need to have many tools and equipment. These will help you to give a polished and new look to your car. In this article, I will discuss about the best way to wax a car, car interior and car window cleaning which are significant parts of car detailing wax.

Car waxing is one of the most important parts of car detailing. To get the shiny and smooth finishing of the car, you will need to do car waxing. The first step of car waxing is to choose the appropriate car wax for your car.


You can apply wax to your car in two different methods. You can do waxing either with hand application or machine application. Bot of the ways are discussed below-


Those who want to perform waxing at home can follow the method of hand application. You can apply wax to your car in some natural ways. You have to look for high-quality waxing ingredients for your car. The waxing work should be performed on the dry surface. Any droplets of water and dust particles can ruin your whole work. While applying wax on your car, you have to keep your car under a shade as the wax or paint sealant tends to get dried fast.

You have to apply waxing with a thin coat. If you want to get more shine, you have to use another coating on the car. But if you start with the thick coat, it will be difficult to remove and apply the wax. You have to buff the first coat entirely and smoothly before putting another coat on the car.

As you are applying the wax with your hand, you need to choose the wax applicator correctly. You can select the poly foam as a wax applicator as they are absorbent, durable and washable easily. You have to use the microfiber towel to buff the haze away from your car. If you finish up with an uneven finish on your car after applying waxing, you can apply quick detail spray to get the shiny and smooth finish.


If you are pro and want excellent finish from your car after applying the wax, you can perform machine application of waxing to your car. For machine application, you have to choose a foam finishing pad. This foam finishing pad is specially made for enduring the pressure of waxing machine.

There are specific rules for applying the wax on your car. If you are using paste wax, you have to spread the paste on a pad and then apply it to your car. And if you are using liquid wax, you should apply the polisher to the paint and then spread the wax on the surface. You have to do it before turning on the machine.

For waxing, you have to choose the fast speed. You have to operate the machine with proper care to apply the wax evenly on your car. Then you have to buff the wax with the microfiber towel. You have to be good to polish to get the smooth finish on your vehicle.

So, following these ways you can easily apply wax on your car.

Few Tips For Easiest Way To Wax A Car

Painting of car doesn’t look polished if you don’t apply wax layer after painting. Waxing is mainly done to give your car a polished and refined look. There are various ways of waxing and maintaining the polish and look of your car. To give your car more lucrative look, you can follow these tips below while waxing your car.

  • You need to wash your car with the car shampoo or mild car soap. Washing car with the ordinary soap and material can destroy the polished look of a car. Using clay bar while washing the car can keep your car in a good condition. You should also be careful washing your car with the brushes. Soft towels and brushes which are specially made for the car wash should be used for car washing. Car washing is the primary step of best easiest car wax.
  • You need to choose the high-quality wax for your car. High-quality car wax comes in a paste and liquid form which lasts in a car for a long time. If you want to shine in your car, you should choose the paste form of waxing. But if you want your waxing will last for a long time, you should choose the white liquid wax.
  • If you are doing waxing for the first time, you can do it with the help of cotton clothes and sponges. If you are not experienced you should not use the mechanical buffer for waxing your car. For the perfect wax job at the very beginning time, you should go with the conventional way of waxing.
  • Before applying wax on your car, you need to clean the surface of your car properly. There should not be any type of scratches on your car. You can clean the unpainted bits and the grim with a good quality protectant. You can take a sponge and spray the protectant to your sponge and apply it directly to the surface of the car to remove all kind of external contamination from your car.
  • You need to be careful about the quantity of the waxing while applying. Applying small quantity is required at the first time for waxing. You have to put the thin layer of waxing to your car to cover all kind of water and dirt or your car. Wax gets dried very soon. So, you have to take the small amount of wax at first and then rub it to your car.
  • You need to do waxing keeping your car in a shade. If you apply wax direct under the sunlight, the wax will get dried and make your work more complicated. While applying wax on your car, you need to be careful about the motion. You should apply the waxing in a straight motion. Swirling motion can leave marks on your car while removing or applying waxing. So, it is better to apply the waxing in one direction.
  • You should apply wax on your car in some regular interval. Depending on the waxing condition the period can be two months or three months. To keep the waxing for a long time, you can apply liquid or paste to your car. These will help to keep a long-lasting shine to your car.

So, following these tips are the best way to wax your car smoothly.

Interior Cleaning Of Your Car

Interior cleaning of a car is always more important than cleaning the outside of a car. Due to regular use, our car gets dirty quickly. To clean the indoor area of your car, you have to make a checklist and follow it correctly. People are usually conscious about the external look of the car. They don’t look the inside condition of the car. If you don’t wash the interior area of your car regularly, the condition of your car will become worst day by day.

Essential Tools For Interior Car Cleaning

For interior cleaning different types of tools are being used. If you want to clean your car at home, you must have these tools below-


A vacuum cleaner is a must-have tool for cleaning the interior parts of the car. To pull out all kind of dust and dirt, fur, hair, sand, you will need to have a vacuum cleaner.  This cleaner can do the half of the cleaning done for you. For detailing and extensive cleaning of your car, you will need to buy the vacuum cleaner which is powerful and will last for a long time.


To clean the germs and bacteria from your car, you will need a steam cleaner. Direct water wash is harmful to your car. If you want to give your car a gentle wash without using any harmful chemicals and rough brushes, you can use this steam cleaner efficiently.


Carpet cleaning is one of the most challenging parts of car cleaning. As we keep our dirty shoes on the carpet, it is essential to clean it frequently. You can give a regular wash on the carpet. But carpet takes a long time to dry up, and mold and mildew can thrive in the carpet any time. For these reasons, you have to use carpet extractor. It will help you dry your car carpet more effectively.


Microfiber cloths work like magic for car cleaning. For cleaning the leather, rubber, dashboard, glass, etc. the use of microfiber cloths is undeniable. Microfiber clothes come in different sizes and different quality.


You will get the car detailing kit at the auto shop. On car detailing kit, you will get all the necessary tools and equipment which extremely helpful for indoor cleaning. These tools will help you to keep your car look like a new.

Different Ways To Clean The Car

There are many ways to clean the interior of the car. You have to do everything systematically once or twice in a month. For the interior cleaning of a car, you need to focus on the things below-


Vacuuming is one of the significant parts of internal cleansing.  But most of us have a misconception about the vacuuming inside the car. We only vacuum the carpet and the seat area inside the car. But you have to vacuum the dashboard, door panels and console of the car along with the carpet and seat.


When entering and getting out from the car, the first thing we notice is the doorjamb. You have to wipe the doorjambs of your car frequently. You can keep a cotton cloth inside your car to clean the door area of your car.


You have to remove the window of the car with proper care. Keeping the window of a car is difficult to work. It gets dirties every day with hand print, dirt, dust and so many things. Using glass cleaner or club soda you can quickly clean the window of your car. You have to spray the glass cleaner and the soda on a clean cloth and then rub it to the window of your car. Regular cleaning of window gives a shiny finish and look to the window.


You have to clean the seat of the car carefully. Only vacuum cleaning will not keep the seat of your car clean. You have to use the scrub brush and wash it with the spray cleaner if the seat is made of cloth. For the leather and vinyl seat, there is a separate arrangement of cleaning. You have to buy the lotion type leather cleaner to clean the seat of your car properly.


You will probably find most of the dirt on the floor of your car. Sweeping the floor of the car is the real challenge. After vacuuming, you have to pull off the carpet, mats, and other things from the floor of the car. Then you have to vacuum cleaning again to the floor of your car.


If you spend a long time in a car, take snacks, drinks, your car will be filled up with the bacteria and germs. No matter how clean you have kept your car, you can’t stop growing bacteria and germs on your car in some cases. These bacteria and germs can cause bad odor inside the car. These odors sometimes are very stubborn which you can’t get rid of even using the air freshener. To get rid of the bad odor and unpleasant smell, you have to use an odor neutralizer for the car. This spray helps you minimize the unpleasant odor from your car giving a fresh scent.


Different types of products are found on the market for cleaning the dashboard. The dashboard of the car is dust prone. You will get fingertips, dust, debris, etc. on the panel of the car. You will get liquid formula, dashboard cleaners, wipes, pads, etc. to clean the dashboard of your car.

These are the few tips to clean interior parts of your car. Following these tips, you can wash your car at home efficiently without any professional help.

Car Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is one of the most critical parts of auto detailing and maintenance. Unclear and dirty window creates the awful impression to the people about the owner. One needs to clean window regularly before setting off from home. Clean and clear window helps the driver to get clear vision outside of the car. Though cleaning the car window seems an easy job, but it is incredibly tricky and involves a lot of techniques to be done. Applying proper techniques and having proper tools you will be able to clean the window of your car effortlessly. While cleaning the windows of your car, you have to concentrate both inside and outside of the glass.


You can clean the indoor window of your car easily with the glass cleaner. You will need to have a clean cloth to clean the glass of your car. While washing the car, you have to remember few things. You shouldn’t spray the glass cleaner directly onto the glass of your car. It will leave stains on the glass and make your job more complicated. First, spray glass cleaner in your washing cloth then clean the window with it.

You should use the microfiber cloths while cleaning the glass of your car window. The microfiber cloths can pull out all the dirt and marks from your window gently and give your window a clean and shiny look. Many people use newspaper to clean the glass. But the paper can leave ink on your window when cleaning it.

While cleaning the window of your car, you should wipe the cleaner in every direction with up and down motion. Wiping out in the circle is never recommended for glass cleaning as it leaves marks and scratches on your car.


The methods of cleaning outside part of the window are same as cleaning the inside part. Before cleaning the windows, you have to wash your car thoroughly. Usually, the outside window of the car is dirtier than the indoor window. So, you have to put extra effort to clean the outside window of your car. For outdoor window cleaning, you can spray the glass cleaner directly on the glass then rub

Wash your car before cleaning the windows. This way, you will remove as much of the bugs and dirt as possible before getting your cleaning cloth very dirty. Whether you wash your car by hand or take it through a car wash, it will make your job of cleaning windows easier. You should also concentrate on cleaning the front and back windshield of your car. You should wipe out the glass cleaner before it dries up.

For streak free finish of your task, you need to use the microfiber clothes for your car. Wiping out vertically and then horizontally will make your work easier.

While glass cleaning or another type of cleaning of your car, you need to keep your vehicle in the shade or the cold place.

So, these are the simple ways to clean the glass window of your car.


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