You’ve got your eye on a used motorcycle for sale and are considering making the purchase. First you’re going to have to test drive the used motorcycle as part of your inspection. There are a number of factors to consider before you buy, whether you’re a first-time motorcycle buyer or just adding to your collection.

Here are six tips for test driving a used motorcycle :-

  • Give yourself enough time

Buying a used motorcycle should not be a rushed purchase. Show up with plenty of time to prep before you take the bike on a test ride. Bring your own equipment, such as helmet and gloves. Also, be prepared to fill out insurance information if the dealership requires it prior to the test ride. A private seller may not.

  • Look at the motorcycle

Before you hop on the bike, check it for cracks in the frame. Small cracks can lead to bigger problems down the road. Look at the tires, check the battery and the sprockets for wear. Sit on the used motorcycle and look at the mirrors, pedals and gauges. They should be in working condition.

Tips on test drive a used motorcycle

  • Start slowly

You won’t know what condition the bike is in until you ride it, regardless of what the seller told you. For your safety, ease into riding the used motorcycle at a comfortable speed. Cruise with the bike to see how it performs at a constant speed. Does the bike provide a comfortable ride?

  • Assess how the motorcycle rides

Choose a motorcycle that handles in a way that’s comfortable for you. Accelerate to see how well the used bike performs. Check is how the clutch engages and rather or not it slips. Is there enough power to the bike? Is the shifter smooth? The bike should take off smoothly from stops. Pay attention if the bike pulls you one way more than another. This could indicate that the frame is bent.

  • Test the brake

Test the brakes to see how those respond. The brakes should operate smoothly and respond quickly enough if you have to make a prompt stop in case of emergency. If the used motorcycle has anti-lock brakes, make sure they don’t lock up during the test drive.

  • Listen closely

Listen for noises, such as a loud muffler or wheel bearings. This could indicate that you’d have some repairs down the line. Rattling or squeaking shock absorbers would need to be replaced. The brakes should not make excessive noise.Ask about a warranty. For added protection, ask the seller about a used motorcycle warranty. The terms should include a contract period and features that are comfortable for you. Ask about the contract length. Contracts typically range from one to three years. Ask if the used motorcycle warranty covers limited mileage or require a deductible.

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